These four areas seem to generate the most questions from potential clients. If you’ve got more questions please shoot me an e-mail, or text, or phone call. :)


All portrait sessions start with a consultation. We will discuss details including clothing, location preferences, my contract, and other information I may need so that I may highly personalize your session.

Session Length:

Sessions are, on average, 90 minutes long. Sometimes they are shorter (though rarely) and sometimes they are longer. I do try to keep shooting time at a reasonable length and I am very much attuned to my clients’ needs and comfort.


Session Location:

Location is chosen at the time of consultation and is based on a variety of factors from a family’s interests to style of décor found commonly in the home. More than one location can be chosen, based on reasonable time and travel.

Photo Collection:

Sessions typically produce between 50-60 images. These will be included on your CD and in your web gallery. From this collection, you will choose images to be printed. Approximately 10 will be chosen for my blog post.