What to expect for your portrait session

What should you expect during your portrait session?

I don’t have a studio. I have experimented with artificial lighting, but I prefer a naturally lit space, so most of my photo shoots are done outdoors, at your favorite park, playground, beach, or anywhere in between. I don’t use props or trendy editing techniques. I want your photos to look elegant, classic, and timeless.

My sessions are just as much an experience, as they are a collection of photos. I focus on getting you to relax, enjoy each other, and actually have fun. I won’t force your kids to ‘say cheese’ or stand still and smile at me. I will play with them, quote Disney Pixar movies with them, and generally be goofy.

While we most always end up with a shot that looks posed and everyone’s smiling – you’ll have more candid moments, the moments in between. The look you give each other when you are relaxed. Your child reaching up to take your hand as we walk along. Your kids fighting with each other. Whatever it is that makes your family unique. I love to freeze moments, creating memories that stand the test of time.