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A pin up inspired photo shoot

Emily and Jon celebrate their first wedding anniversary today. Last week Emily and I took some pin up inspired photos and she created a calendar for Jon. It was an honor to help celebrate their love.










Monthly Sunrise Photos – June 2013

I’m posting June sunrise photos on the 9th of the month. It’s quite an accomplishment. And in reality, I’m hoping for another opportunity where the clouds and sunrise colors are more brilliant than these. But I have to share what I’ve gotten.

Last week I woke up at 4 am, made two travel mugs of coffee, grabbed my gear, and headed out the door. By 4:45 I was sitting by myself on this park bench listening to the silence, the occasional bird, the sound of the water crashing into the rocks below.

Sunrise is my absolute favorite time of day. In general, I’m very much a ‘morning person’. There’s something soothing about having these moments to myself, to reflect on all the blessing in my life, to reflect on the glory of God’s creation, to drink my coffee in silence.

I’ll be hoping for another beautiful day soon – but in the meantime, here are my favorite sunrise photos this month.

seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-1 seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-2 seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-3 seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-4 seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-5 seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-6 seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-7 seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-8 seattle_downtown_space needle_sunrise_b-9

Monthly Sunrise Photos – March 2013

March was a month full of amazing sunrises. Brilliant colors on the horizon. March was also a month where I only used my iphone. The following are some of my favorite sunrise photos from the month, some instagram, some iphone only.

seattle_sunrise_march-1 seattle_sunrise_march-2 seattle_sunrise_march-3 seattle_sunrise_march-4 seattle_sunrise_march-5 seattle_sunrise_march-6 seattle_sunrise_march-7