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Adventures by a mountain creek

Back in March we tried to go hike the Big Four Ice Caves. The road was closed just over a mile from the trailhead. I wasn’t quite feeling up to adding a mile to that hike. So we turned around and played by the creek for a bit. Also – if anyone has insight into why the bark has been stripped from these trees let me know. We chatted on instagram about this back when I first saw these – but I’m curious if anyone else knows anything.









Discovery Park

There isn’t much I like better than a sunny day at Discovery Park with my family. We go there often. It’s an easy drive. It’s close to the city but when we’re out on the trail I totally feel like we are miles and miles from civilization. Yet I also have cell service which makes geocaching and instagramming possible. 😉

We’ve lived in Seattle for 2 1/2 years. I’ve spent lots of time in areas where I should have / could have seen seen a bald eagle. Yet I hadn’t. Then do you know what happens? Bald eagles start showing up around my parents’ house in Michigan. Yet here in the PNW – nothing.

As we were headed back to the car there were 5 adults stopped on the trail in front of us looking back towards us and up into the trees. The guy smiled, said “bald eagle”, and pointed up. I nearly squealed in delight as we spotted the majestic bird perched at the top of an evergreen not far from the trail. I had my camera with my 50 mm lens. The following is as good as I got. It also makes me want to invest in a backpack camera bag that will hold my camera and zoom lens. But until then – bald eagles do live here. :)

discovery park 1-3-20


Here are a few more from our adventures, mud puddles and rocks, low tide, and adding a roof to a driftwood fort someone else started. It’s easy to see why this place is a favorite.

discovery park 1-3-1

discovery park 1-3-2

discovery park 1-3-3

discovery park 1-3-4

discovery park 1-3-5

discovery park 1-3-6

discovery park 1-3-7

discovery park 1-3-8

discovery park 1-3-9

discovery park 1-3-10

discovery park 1-3-11

discovery park 1-3-12

discovery park 1-3-15

discovery park 1-3-16

discovery park 1-3-17

discovery park 1-3-19

The Olympic Mountains… from Seattle

My friend Jessica came up to Seattle today. I was on the other side of the lens for a photo shoot. She took digital and film photos of me. I haven’t had film photos taken in ages. I’m super excited to see how the Mamiyaflex shots turn out. As soon as she blogs them I’ll point you all that direction. If you want to stalk her blog it’s here. :)

After photos we grabbed tacos at my favorite little taco truck and drove up to Carkeek Park to geocache. She’s been addicted for a few months and she has gotten me all excited about the sport of it too.

While we were hunting this was our view. Cloudy and overcast above us, but to the West, the sun was shining on the Olympics.

It was a pretty darn spectacular day.

olympic mountains-1 olympic mountains-2