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We started 2015 at Cannon Beach

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. It’s been a long time since I wanted to blog anything. I’m in a weird position with my “business”, not really accepting new clients and yet longing to photograph people. I’ve got my reasons for both. Some of my reasons are not really valid right now, yet I cling to them. I’m working through that awkwardness.

I’ll start with this. The very beginning of January 2015 we spent in Cannon Beach, OR. We had a great adventure exploring beaches and low tides.

cannon beach-1

cannon beach-2

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Northern California Coast

We stayed on the northern California coast for a few days in February. The weather was perfect and we were rewarded with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

norcal_fine art-1 norcal_fine art-2 norcal_fine art-4 norcal_fine art-10 norcal_fine art-14 norcal_fine art-15 norcal_fine art-19 norcal_fine art-20 norcal_fine art-41 norcal_fine art-44 norcal_fine art-45 norcal_fine art-46

Monthly Self-Portrait – February 2013

We took a long weekend vacation to the Northern California Coast this month. Growing up in Michigan we would go to California every couple of years to visit my mom’s family. Often times those visits included a trip to the ocean. So visiting these little coastal towns nestled in the Redwoods feels like going home.

We stopped and stayed with my aunt the first night, then continued south along HWY 101 to our final destination, a rental house with ocean views. Some friends Cory grew up with vacation at this house yearly. They asked us, hesitantly, since it meant a 15 hour drive for us, if we’d be interested in joining them. We were thrilled and said yes. The drive is easy and pretty for most of the way. The boys are used to road trips and do exceptionally well in the car.

This weekend was meant to just be a relaxing vacation. Nothing planned. Nothing we had to do or see. Except for my request to visit a beach I remember fondly from my childhood we had no itinerary.

I’m not the best person when it comes to just relaxing on vacation. I function quite well on schedule and plans and things to do, places to go, sights to see. This trip I surprised myself, I managed quite well to maintain a balance (even if it was just in my head) between taking time to relax and to see things. To wander along the coast and to take a few moments to breathe. I carted my camera several places, but also went with just my phone a few times.

It’s also a beautiful thing to be with people you mesh with. There was no confusion or uneasiness in the air with Travis and Dustie. Nothing about the weekend was uncomfortable. Cory and Travis became close in high school but haven’t spent quality time together in nearly 15 years. We’ve seen them here and there as we’ve been back to California to visit family. What I didn’t fully comprehend before the trip was how great it would be to see the guys bonding again. Laughing about the stunts they pulled as teenagers. Telling stories and reminiscing about ‘the good ole days’. Then there’s Dustie. She assisted me when I shot my cousin’s wedding. She’s been my fb friend and we texted from time to time. Yet this weekend was like finding an old friend. That comfort that comes in feeling like you’ve known someone forever. It was healing on many levels.

So this month’s photo is taken from the bluff at Glass Beach. A place we used to visit when I was young. A place that reminds me of my grandmother who has since passed on. A place that I’m continuing family tradition by visiting with my boys. And a place that I was thrilled to explore with new/old friends.

Until next time NorCal. <3