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Monthly Self-Portrait – December 2013

The kids had two weeks off school in December. Cory took one of those weeks off work. We spent one day hiking our favorite place in Seattle and another day exploring a new location. I had recently downloaded the TimerCam app. What better time to try it out than while adventuring with my favorite people.

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I realize that I wimped out on a decent photo a few times throughout the year. My goal for 2014 is to spend more time working to create a photograph, not just take a self-photograph.

Also in the works for 2014 is to spend even more time adventuring as a family.


Monthly Self-Portrait – November 2013

I get claustrophobic if I stay in the city for too long. So every now and then we get in the car and just drive. This day was rainy and foggy and grey. We drove east and got off the highway where there was a road that ran along a river that had a number, not a name.  We followed the road a few miles back into the fog and trees. At one point we got out of the car and the boys threw rocks into the river.

nov_self_blog-1Sitting along the river as I watched the boys play, the stress and cluster of the city fades away. I feel recharged and alive and comfortable. Places and times like these are happiness, healing to my soul, and I cherish every second of them.

Monthly Self-Portrait – October 2013

I started growing my hair out from the super short pixie I had in the beginning of 2013. By the time October rolled around I regretted the decision and was ready to chop it all off again.

Then I realized it was actually long enough to flat iron. :)  Also – the color is enhanced from the instagram filter. But it does have me thinking about adding some dye someday soon.


Monthly Self-Portrait – July 2013

July was a busy month. We drove to California and spent a few days with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, left the boys with them, flew to Denver, met up with my parents at the airport and then drove to Aspen, CO. We were in town to attend my cousin’s wedding. The ceremony was at the top of Ajax Mountain and was such a beautiful celebration.

While we were in town we hiked some amazing views. My favorite of which was the hike from Maroon Bells to Crater Lake. Nearly four miles round trip on a hike rated “moderate”. It was beautiful and intense and amazing. Here’s me at Crater Lake.

july_crater lake_blog-1