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Betsy and her son Devyn

I’ve know Betsy since we were both tiny children. I photographed her and D about 5 years ago. I was so thrilled when she called me up and asked me to take photos again this year while I’m in Michigan. We chose this location because of all the fond memories she has playing there with her family when she was little. It’s a special thing to be able to watch your child play and wander and explore in the same location you did at their age. Much love to you Betsy.

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b and d -4

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Summer, Corey, and Liam

A few favorites of Summer and her family from our portrait session while I’m in Michigan. <3








Owen – 10 weeks old

My darling friend had a baby boy in February. I went back to Michigan and go to snuggle him when he was 10 weeks old. Here are some of my favorite photos of him.

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Madeline – Spring 2013

My darling niece Madeline will be four years old in August. When I was back in Michigan this spring we took photos at my parents house. Here are my favorites.

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