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Caspar California – 2014

I lack the words to express my gratitude for this trip. So I’ll just share some photos instead. Seals at sunset, a perfect sunrise, a hike to a little beach, and seeing whales. Is that a wolf or a coyote?















That one time we saw a WHALE!

Ok, so I’m a bit excited about this. Still. See, I grew up in the midwest. And while I’ve been to both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean several times throughout my childhood and adulthood – I’ve never seen a whale. I’ve seen other sea life, even here in Seattle I’ve seen seals in the Puget Sound, but nothing bigger.

So when we were vacationing on the Northern California Coast this month I had high hopes of seeing a migrating whale. Our last full day there we walked out to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse near sunset. It was an amazingly beautiful walk.

Then as I’m putting my camera away my darling friend Dustie shouted and I looked up in time to see a large spout of water shooting into the air. O. M. G. I shouted. The kids came running. Then it happened again and I started taking pictures, and jumping up and down.

Nothing says tourist like flipping out over sea life. While watching them we could clearly see it was a momma and a baby whale. Looking at the photos now, I’m not sure who is who, since they never came up at the same time, I’m thinking it’s the momma in the first set, then the baby – but I could be wrong. Either way, it was amazing.


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