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Monthly Self-Portrait – September 2013

September was all about a trip into the mountains of California. My uncle Tracy took me, my mom, one of my mom’s friends, and a good friend of his on the trip of a lifetime (well, for me at least). Horseback riding up to an elevation of 11,000 ft one day and crossing over 40 miles of gorgeous trails the four days in total.

Here’s a few instagrams of me from the trip. (I’ll share details and more photos soon!)

Ginny and I – day one. Me at 11,000 feet. Then some delicious flare during our last ride.



september_self_blog-2 september_self_blog-3

Monthly Self-Portrait – April 2013

April came and went so quickly this year.

The cherry blossoms are perfection in Seattle in April.


Monthly Sunrise Photos – April 2013