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Monthly Self-Portrait August 2013

We went to the beach every week in August. Some weeks we went a couple times. The beach we went to here isn’t quite like the rolling sand dunes we were used to in Michigan. There is sand and water. But that’s about where the similarities end. In Michigan you can’t see the other side of the lake – making it feel like the ocean. In Seattle, on the Sound, it smells like the ocean, but you can see islands on the other side, which makes it feel more like a lake. A salty lake, where we occasionally see seals. (Or are they sea lions, I’m never sure?)

Anyways – this was me in August, hiding under an umbrella, trying not to get any more sunburned that I already was. Loving the boys reflection in my glasses. I tried so hard to soak up every moment with the boys before school started. So this is really perfect.


Stephanie and Andy – Seattle Engagement Portraits

I met up with the lovely Stephanie and Andy on a cold windy afternoon for their engagement photos. While looking for locations for their wedding they had briefly considered Golden Gardens in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Since they didn’t chose that as their wedding location we thought it’d be fun to take engagement photos there. These are my favorites from our session.

stephanie and andy-1 stephanie and andy-2 stephanie and andy-3 stephanie and andy-4 stephanie and andy-5  stephanie and andy-7 stephanie and andy-8  stephanie and andy-10 stephanie and andy-11