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We started 2015 at Cannon Beach

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. It’s been a long time since I wanted to blog anything. I’m in a weird position with my “business”, not really accepting new clients and yet longing to photograph people. I’ve got my reasons for both. Some of my reasons are not really valid right now, yet I cling to them. I’m working through that awkwardness.

I’ll start with this. The very beginning of January 2015 we spent in Cannon Beach, OR. We had a great adventure exploring beaches and low tides.

cannon beach-1

cannon beach-2

cannon beach-3

cannon beach-4

cannon beach-5

cannon beach-6

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random thoughts on growing up

(originally published on June 3, 2012)

I know I’m getting older. I know this because I keep catching myself saying to my children “when I was your age…” followed by some nostalgic thought of being kicked outside after breakfast and not allowed back inside till lunchtime, or how we didn’t have cell phones, or ipad’s to play games on.

The boys look at me the same way I imagine I looked at my parents when they would tell me something about not watching tv or the chores they had growing up.

Which makes me think about the boys. They play games on my phone while we’re waiting for doctor appointments. They watch movies on my ipad in the car on road trips. They play video games on the weekend. Even when we lived in a small town in Michigan I didn’t let them roam the neighborhoods freely like I did as a child. They played outside in the backyard and we rode bikes and played at the park.

I wonder how times will change in the next 30 years and what they will tell their children. I wonder what they will look back on fondly from their childhood as something “these kids today just don’t do.”

In the meantime I think it’s important to unplug. To spend time outside and away from video games and tv. Which is why – as often as we can we get outside. It’s not always about exploring some new awesome beach or mountain trail. While we love doing that, sometimes it’s as simple as a walk through the neighborhood and a stop at the nearest playground. It’s swinging and slides and climbing.

This photo happens to be one of those times we were exploring something new. Moments like this, when we’re out together as a family enjoying the day stick fondly in my memory. And hopefully someday the boys will tell their kids not only about playing games and watching movies – but about the times we went hiking and exploring – or the time we pulled the car over to throw the airplane.