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We started 2015 at Cannon Beach

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. It’s been a long time since I wanted to blog anything. I’m in a weird position with my “business”, not really accepting new clients and yet longing to photograph people. I’ve got my reasons for both. Some of my reasons are not really valid right now, yet I cling to them. I’m working through that awkwardness.

I’ll start with this. The very beginning of January 2015 we spent in Cannon Beach, OR. We had a great adventure exploring beaches and low tides.

cannon beach-1

cannon beach-2

cannon beach-3

cannon beach-4

cannon beach-5

cannon beach-6

cannon beach-7

cannon beach-8

cannon beach-9

cannon beach-10

cannon beach-11

cannon beach-12

cannon beach-13

cannon beach-14

cannon beach-15

Adventures by a mountain creek

Back in March we tried to go hike the Big Four Ice Caves. The road was closed just over a mile from the trailhead. I wasn’t quite feeling up to adding a mile to that hike. So we turned around and played by the creek for a bit. Also – if anyone has insight into why the bark has been stripped from these trees let me know. We chatted on instagram about this back when I first saw these – but I’m curious if anyone else knows anything.