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We started 2015 at Cannon Beach

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. It’s been a long time since I wanted to blog anything. I’m in a weird position with my “business”, not really accepting new clients and yet longing to photograph people. I’ve got my reasons for both. Some of my reasons are not really valid right now, yet I cling to them. I’m working through that awkwardness.

I’ll start with this. The very beginning of January 2015 we spent in Cannon Beach, OR. We had a great adventure exploring beaches and low tides.

cannon beach-1

cannon beach-2

cannon beach-3

cannon beach-4

cannon beach-5

cannon beach-6

cannon beach-7

cannon beach-8

cannon beach-9

cannon beach-10

cannon beach-11

cannon beach-12

cannon beach-13

cannon beach-14

cannon beach-15

Salt Creek with Aunt Kat

My sister came to Seattle in April. We had a whirlwind weekend exploring some old and new favorite locations. The trip to Salt Creek was planned because I saw a photo on instagram of the tide pools. That started research – mostly on pinterest and instagram – looking for photos and reading about other peoples adventures. It’s funny how much those two sites help me plan adventures. So to those who explore and pin/post on ig, thank you. We had an amazing time.

salt creek-22

salt creek-1

salt creek-2

salt creek-3

salt creek-4

salt creek-6

salt creek-7

salt creek-9

salt creek-11

salt creek-13

salt creek-15

salt creek-16

salt creek-19

salt creek-20