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Monthly Sunrise Photos – October 2013

I don’t have a story to go along with these photos. Just awe and appreciation.

october_blog-2 october_blog-3

Monthly Sunrise Photos – September 2013

In September I spent an amazing four days riding horses in the mountains of California. Day three we woke up to a crisp, sunny, 23 degrees. As we were breaking camp and getting the horses ready for our ride the sun came up over the mountain next to us.


Monthly Sunrise Photos – August 2013

In August I had a good five or six days where I got up pre-sunrise and went for a walk/run/grunting-out-of-shape-I-can’t-believe-I-put-this-off-for-so-long-shuffle. This sunrise made me stop, grab a photo, and pause for a moment.


Monthly Sunrise Photos – July 2013

July. During the last weekend of the month, Cory and I were in Aspen, CO for my cousin’s wedding. My mom and I got up early and went for a hike on the Ute Trail. We didn’t make it to the top before the sun came up, but here are the sunrise photos from along the trail.

Cell phone shots…

aspen hike at sunrise__iphone_resized-1 aspen hike at sunrise__iphone_resized-2 aspen hike at sunrise__iphone_resized-3 aspen hike at sunrise__iphone_resized-5A couple shots from the camera when we first started out along the trail.

aspen hike at sunrise_resized-1 aspen hike at sunrise_resized-2

This last one is a panoramic with my cell phone overlooking Aspen. More photos from this hike later…

aspen hike at sunrise__iphone_resized-6