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Monthly Self-Portrait August 2013

We went to the beach every week in August. Some weeks we went a couple times. The beach we went to here isn’t quite like the rolling sand dunes we were used to in Michigan. There is sand and water. But that’s about where the similarities end. In Michigan you can’t see the other side of the lake – making it feel like the ocean. In Seattle, on the Sound, it smells like the ocean, but you can see islands on the other side, which makes it feel more like a lake. A salty lake, where we occasionally see seals. (Or are they sea lions, I’m never sure?)

Anyways – this was me in August, hiding under an umbrella, trying not to get any more sunburned that I already was. Loving the boys reflection in my glasses. I tried so hard to soak up every moment with the boys before school started. So this is really perfect.


Monthly Self-Portrait – July 2013

July was a busy month. We drove to California and spent a few days with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, left the boys with them, flew to Denver, met up with my parents at the airport and then drove to Aspen, CO. We were in town to attend my cousin’s wedding. The ceremony was at the top of Ajax Mountain and was such a beautiful celebration.

While we were in town we hiked some amazing views. My favorite of which was the hike from Maroon Bells to Crater Lake. Nearly four miles round trip on a hike rated “moderate”. It was beautiful and intense and amazing. Here’s me at Crater Lake.

july_crater lake_blog-1


Monthly Self-Portrait – June 2013

June was so exciting. We spent a week in California and we had a family reunion of sorts up in the mountains. I’ve mentioned little things about this camping trip here and there and will blog about it soon. The place we camp, Canyon Creek, is accessible only via 4-wheel drive. My mom’s family has been camping there for 47+ years. As a child we would visit California every year or every other year and camping here was always part of those vacations. So it was a HUGE deal for me to be able to take the boys to a place I’ve cherished so dearly from my childhood.

This month I don’t have just one photo to share, rather a smattering of some favorite moments from this trip. The boys and I in the car as we left Seattle, my shadow in the creek as I sat on the rock, standing by the creek, me and my cousin Missy on our hike downstream- which turned into having to swim several times as the water was deep and the cliff walls too high to scale, all that done holding my phone above my head :) – and the final photo is a family shot in the car as we headed back to Seattle.

june_self portrait-1 june_self portrait-2 june_self portrait-3 june_self portrait-4 june_self portrait-5 june_self portrait-6 june_self portrait-7 june_self portrait-8

Monthly Self-Portrait – May 2013

May was lovely in Seattle. Warm summerish days and lots of sunshine.

One particularly lovely spring day I headed to Olympia to spend a morning with my friend Jessica. Her backyard is peaceful and pretty.