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a look ahead

If I had to describe my business sense/approach in 2013 it would be ‘lack of motivation’. I didn’t do any advertising. I didn’t really care if I had any new clients or not. I had personal goals and projects I worked on. I didn’t blog much of anything.

For 2014 I’ve got several personal photography projects in the works; a 365 iphone-only project posted to my instagram, monthly sunrise photos posted to the blog, monthly self-portrait (which I have goals to use my camera, not my iphone like most of last year) posted to my blog, this month a “30 Days of Cody” project (taking a daily photo of my 10 year old, printed in book form when I’m done), and, finally, next month I’ll start “30 Days of Gavin”.

Last fall I started working at the boys’ school as a tutor. It’s been exhausting and exciting and so much fun. I’m able to contribute financially (in a small way) to the family and still be home for my kids before/after school. I’m invested in their education and success. I’m also able to see growth in the students I work with and even though the credit for that rest squarely on their teacher’s shoulders, being there and seeing it is super satisfying.

As for new clients, I have no solid plans for advertising this year. I’ve got a couple of volunteer projects going with the school and that’s occupying all my free time this winter/spring. I would like to add in some clients this summer/fall. So if you like what you see here and want me to capture the little moments that make your family great, drop me a line.

My short list of goals for 2014 include the personal photography projects I listed earlier, blogging more, reading more, spiritual goals, spending lots of time as a family exploring both the city and the mountains around us, and using my camera to take photos as much as I use my iphone. :)

Here’s hoping your 2014 is a good one.

discovery park 1-3-18~ Discovery Park, January 3, 2014.

Adventures with Bears

The Zoo.

Don’t get started on a zoos-are-cruel-those-poor-animals rant with this post. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding the humanity of the Zoo.

Here is what I know.

I’m afraid of bears. In a Fantastic Mr. Fox “I have a phobia of wolves” sort of way. Yet he stops to talk to one when they see one. I can sit and watch the grizzly bears at the zoo for hours. We’ve been to the zoo a few times and the bears are usually off at the back of the enclosure ignoring us, or sleeping quietly nearby.

And then there was this trip… the enclosure has this awesome viewing window. One of the bears swam right in front of the boys. Then he stopped four feet away, stood up, and started pounding on the glass. Pounding. Hit after hit. Smashing his paw against the window. The glass the only thing keeping us separate from 1100 pounds of awesome who seemed pissed off at that moment. The thud and reverb sound. Over and Over again. There were other people behind us but no one in front of us. Just us and this bear. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until after he stopped and swam away. My heart was pounding in my head. I couldn’t catch my breath. For a moment I thought I was going to have a full-blown panic attack. I calmed myself down. Then, 30 seconds later both bears swam back into the pool in front of us. There was the play-fighting. Six feet away from us. Teeth and claws and bears. My heart froze again. Then it was over. They both went their separate way. I exhaled, only slightly aware I hadn’t been breathing again. We left and I smiled, in awe at such an amazing creature, and the joy on the boys faces as they got to see something so intense.

These photos were all taken with my iphone. And posted to instagram.

august_blog-2 august_blog-3 august_blog-4 august_blog-5

Monthly Self-Portrait August 2013

We went to the beach every week in August. Some weeks we went a couple times. The beach we went to here isn’t quite like the rolling sand dunes we were used to in Michigan. There is sand and water. But that’s about where the similarities end. In Michigan you can’t see the other side of the lake – making it feel like the ocean. In Seattle, on the Sound, it smells like the ocean, but you can see islands on the other side, which makes it feel more like a lake. A salty lake, where we occasionally see seals. (Or are they sea lions, I’m never sure?)

Anyways – this was me in August, hiding under an umbrella, trying not to get any more sunburned that I already was. Loving the boys reflection in my glasses. I tried so hard to soak up every moment with the boys before school started. So this is really perfect.


Monthly Sunrise Photos – August 2013

In August I had a good five or six days where I got up pre-sunrise and went for a walk/run/grunting-out-of-shape-I-can’t-believe-I-put-this-off-for-so-long-shuffle. This sunrise made me stop, grab a photo, and pause for a moment.