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We started 2015 at Cannon Beach

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. It’s been a long time since I wanted to blog anything. I’m in a weird position with my “business”, not really accepting new clients and yet longing to photograph people. I’ve got my reasons for both. Some of my reasons are not really valid right now, yet I cling to them. I’m working through that awkwardness.

I’ll start with this. The very beginning of January 2015 we spent in Cannon Beach, OR. We had a great adventure exploring beaches and low tides.

cannon beach-1

cannon beach-2

cannon beach-3

cannon beach-4

cannon beach-5

cannon beach-6

cannon beach-7

cannon beach-8

cannon beach-9

cannon beach-10

cannon beach-11

cannon beach-12

cannon beach-13

cannon beach-14

cannon beach-15

Caspar California – 2014

I lack the words to express my gratitude for this trip. So I’ll just share some photos instead. Seals at sunset, a perfect sunrise, a hike to a little beach, and seeing whales. Is that a wolf or a coyote?















tulip festival 2014

My sister came out to visit us during spring break. As we were planning out our week we knew we wanted to hit up the tulip festival in Mt. Vernon. We planned our visit for a Thursday. Mid-week is guaranteed to be less crowded than a weekday. We also chose Thursday because the weather was calling for rain. I figured the rain would keep the crowds down too. I was right on that one. There was a lovely group of adults in their 60’s we passed in the field, a woman who volunteered to take a photo of all of us, plus a dozen people at Roozengaard‘s garden and that’s about it. 90% of the time it was just us, with acres of tulips in the most brilliant reds, yellows, purples, and pinks all to ourselves. We carried umbrella’s – mostly to protect the camera. The rain didn’t stop the boys. They like the flowers, but the main draw for them is the mud. Jumping in the puddles. Unrestricted. Free to splash and run through them as much as they want. I pack a complete change of clothes and strip them before we get in the car to head home.

Moments like these, watching them explore and trudge through the puddles, brings so much joy to me. At one point, Gavin was dragging his feet through a puddle, head down, watching the murky water swirl around his boots. He didn’t notice the adults we passed, he didn’t look up at them at all. I watched with amusement as they marveled at Gavin and his behavior. As they got closer, the man complimented me on letting the boys play in the mud. He mentioned how happy it made him to see me letting them play in the mud. He said I was doing a good job as a parent. Receiving a compliment on your parenting style from a total stranger is such a blessing. It’s like the sky opened and it was a nod, that in this one small moment, I was doing the right thing. It’s so easy for me to question my decisions and worry about everything. But letting them play in the mud was a decision I made with no hesitation. There are so many parts of my childhood that my kids will never get to experience. Growing up my sisters and I were allowed to roam free around the neighborhood, playing and exploring without restriction. Times have changed. And since we don’t live on acres of land in the middle of nowhere with a large protective dog to accompany them – my kids don’t have a lot of free play time in the wild open nature. So I’ve made it my aim to create opportunities for them to explore and learn and see things. The puddles at the tulip festival are a small portion of that. I hope that when they look back on their childhood these are the moments that stand out to them. The freedom to play and explore and get dirty.

Tulip Festival, Roozengaarde, Mt Vernon, April 2014.

tulip festival-4

tulip festival-5

tulip festival-7

tulip festival-8

tulip festival-9

tulip festival-10

tulip festival-12

tulip festival-14

tulip festival-15

tulip festival-16

tulip festival-20

tulip festival-22

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tulip festival-44


Discovery Park

There isn’t much I like better than a sunny day at Discovery Park with my family. We go there often. It’s an easy drive. It’s close to the city but when we’re out on the trail I totally feel like we are miles and miles from civilization. Yet I also have cell service which makes geocaching and instagramming possible. 😉

We’ve lived in Seattle for 2 1/2 years. I’ve spent lots of time in areas where I should have / could have seen seen a bald eagle. Yet I hadn’t. Then do you know what happens? Bald eagles start showing up around my parents’ house in Michigan. Yet here in the PNW – nothing.

As we were headed back to the car there were 5 adults stopped on the trail in front of us looking back towards us and up into the trees. The guy smiled, said “bald eagle”, and pointed up. I nearly squealed in delight as we spotted the majestic bird perched at the top of an evergreen not far from the trail. I had my camera with my 50 mm lens. The following is as good as I got. It also makes me want to invest in a backpack camera bag that will hold my camera and zoom lens. But until then – bald eagles do live here. :)

discovery park 1-3-20


Here are a few more from our adventures, mud puddles and rocks, low tide, and adding a roof to a driftwood fort someone else started. It’s easy to see why this place is a favorite.

discovery park 1-3-1

discovery park 1-3-2

discovery park 1-3-3

discovery park 1-3-4

discovery park 1-3-5

discovery park 1-3-6

discovery park 1-3-7

discovery park 1-3-8

discovery park 1-3-9

discovery park 1-3-10

discovery park 1-3-11

discovery park 1-3-12

discovery park 1-3-15

discovery park 1-3-16

discovery park 1-3-17

discovery park 1-3-19