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Emma and Sarah – spring 2013 sneak peek

I’ve watched these girls grow up before my camera. I’ve photographed Sarah for the past three and a half years and was thrilled to make a trip back to Michigan this spring when Emma turned one.

Here are a few of my favorites.

emma_one year old-1 emma_one year old-2 sarah and emma-1 sarah-1 sarah-2

Kaytlin and Grace

I love new clients. :) Here’s a sneak peek from a session with Kaytlin and Grace.

kaytlin and grace-1 kaytlin and grace-2

Madeline, age 3 1/2, a sneak peek

Here are a few favorites from a session with my darling niece Madeline. She’s 3 1/2 going on 15. :)

madeline-1 madeline-2 madeline-3

Roozengaarde Tulip festival 2013

Today our family went up to Mt Vernon and fought the crowds to wander among the tulips.

I’ll write another post soon – but for now – a photo that perfectly sums up the best part of the day.

tulip festival_roozengaarde-2