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In which Emma turns one and shares the spotlight with her big sister…

This family is very dear to my heart. Tamra was Gavin’s hearing impaired preschool teacher. We’ve known her for 6 years and I’ve been so blessed to photograph her family from when her firstborn, Sarah, was only two months old.

It’s tough to move away from long-term clients. I’ve been fortunate enough with Tamra that I’ve been able to still photograph them when I come into town. Last summer I got to meet, and photograph, Emma when she was four months old. I also made a trip back to Michigan this spring to photograph her ‘1 year old’ photos.

These are some of my favorites from our warm and sunny day.

emma_sarah_-8 emma_sarah_-5 emma_sarah_-3 emma_sarah_-1 emma_sarah_-2sarah-1 emma_sarah_-7 emma_sarah_-6sarah and emma-1 emma_sarah_-4Until next time darling girls. Love you.

a sneak peek of Owen – 10 weeks old and adorable

My darling friend Sharne’ had a beautiful baby boy in February. I was so excited to get back to Michigan while he was still tiny to see him.

My favorite from a session with Owen … more to come soon.


Emma and Sarah – spring 2013 sneak peek

I’ve watched these girls grow up before my camera. I’ve photographed Sarah for the past three and a half years and was thrilled to make a trip back to Michigan this spring when Emma turned one.

Here are a few of my favorites.

emma_one year old-1 emma_one year old-2 sarah and emma-1 sarah-1 sarah-2

Introducing Mei – Seattle newborn Photography

This tiny little beauty is Mei. I joined her and her momma at their house when she was one week old. It’s such a perfect age for newborn photos. I can’t gush enough over how adorable she is. Or what a mellow baby she was during our session. She was awake most of the time and perfectly content.

baby_bowl_newborn_bowl baby_girl_newborn_black-and-white baby_mouth_lips_tounge black-and-white_newborn_fuzzy-blanket mother_daughter_newborn newborn_hand_fingers profile_lips_baby_one-week-old profile_newborn_baby-girl